Fully fashioned fuck. 'It's not all about swinging from chandeliers, you know'I said that to Martin recently when he apologised for not being a bit more adventurous with his love making. He had met me at his door, nicely scrubbed up and very presentable. We sat down for a little while in his lounge, sharing a chilled glass of wine from a box in his kitchen,and made charming small talk. I draped the jacket over the back of a chair then moved to sit by him. I like to sit close, as the physical contact can be nicely arousing, whether it's the gentle nudge of my thigh against his, or the accidental pressing of a full, mature breast into his chest or upper arm. In his case he got both,but he seemed happy to take things at a gentle pace. He cupped my face between his hands and kissed me with his mouth closed, pulled back but only a couple of inches, so close that I could smell the mint on his breath, then did it again.I think of myself as quite an expert on kissing and I always like to see how a man goes about it I think I ought to write a book on how you can tell what sort of lover he will be. I took the lead a little, opening my mouth and waiting, squirming slightly against him so he could feel the pressure of my boobs on his chest. I closed my eyes and put my hand on his thigh. He put his lips to mine, pressing slightly with his mouth open, then turned his head a little. The pause made me keener for this first French kiss from him. I licked inside his lower lip a little, just to let him know I wanted him, and he responded by kissing back, a slow, almost inexorable exploration, filling my mouth with his tongue and pressing delicately on the centre of mine. So far so goodI pressed close, letting his tongue do what it wanted, and felttentative fingertips take a gentle grip on my breast. He moaned a little. Another boob manI broke off the kiss, but in such a way that I pushed my chest forward, filling the palm of his cupping hand. I could see his eyes dropped, soaking up the view of his hand on my bosom. I licked my lips to let him know the effect it was having on me, then, when his eyes moved to mine and I knew I had his attention, I whispered to him.'You know, I really enjoy giving titfucks. Would you like one'It took about eagerly anticipated five seconds for him to have my top off.I got his trousers down a little more delicately - neither of us wanted anything trapped in a hasty zip - and made him lie back. I had a little sachet of oil from my bag, and looked into his eyes as I bit the corner off and handed it to him, with a hint or two.'You'll obviously want most of this on the skin on my breastbone and the inside of my boobs. It gives the skin a silky feel, especially when I press them together to give that lovely, enveloping sensation.'I trapped his penish between my boobs as I said this, pressing them together into a tunnel of warm flesh, then began to move. I got as far as saying'You should keep some back, so you can massage a little into my nipples and...oh...'Maybe I shouldn't have drawn his attention to my nipples, starting to firm upagainst the flesh of his groin. Whatever it was I said or did, something set him pumping creamy cumshot in shiny white ropes. I was a little startled. I stopped moving at the top of the upstroke and just waiting, feeling the semen pulsing and oozing into my cleavage.He looked a little sheepish as I cleaned myself up.'I was going to say, massage some oil into my nipples so you get me warmed up nicely for round two. But I guess at a pinch your spunk will do the trick''Ah Sorry, Lorna, you may have to wait a little for round two.''Really I like a challenge'We snuggled under his duvet, and chatted and gently played with each other for a while. After a few minutes I could tell he was nearly ready to go, and thanks to some rather nice fingering technique on his part so was I. I fished in my bag for a condom, then when he was rubbered up I asked him how he'd like to do me.'Missionary, I think.'I gave him a cheeky smile and assumed the position, opening my legs to let him enter me, then placed my hands on his hips, ready to guide and hint on the pace. He started quite slowly, and I felt myself getting wetter as he did. His pace picked up a little and I felt my anatomy responding. Hevaried his approach, sometimes long slow strokes, sometimes other more urgent, and throughout I felt my excitement climbing. He smiled as I began to give little cries, stopping at one point for a few seconds to do something that seemed to make his penish swell inside me, then going back to the steady movement that was getting me close to orgasm.The orgasm took me a little by surprise, orgasm from nowhere, it seemed to me. I arched my back as his penish stabbed into me, my fingers grabbing hold of his buttocks the way he had mauled my boobs at the start of the meeting. My climax ebbed away a little and as it did I felt him moving faster and deeper and I knew it was his turn. He pushed into me cruel and I held him close as he came, feeling him twitch inside me as his balls emptied themselves into my anatomy.'Nice' I enquired, as he smiled and kissed me deeply.'Fuck, yes' - (Gallery) View this gallery Visit LornaBlu Categories Cougar , Mature , MILF , big boobs , curvy , United Kingdom , Striptease , Lingerie , High Heels , Feet/Shoes , Legs , Panties , Stockings , Fingering , Couples , sucks Jobs , have sexual intercourse ,